31 Oktober 2009

I'm so in the mood of love... ^^

It's a different feelings from falling in love.
This is the cozy feeling that just overwhelmed me.
Something that come when I'm listening to love songs,
watching romantic scenes,
and reading sweet moments.
No, I'm not falling in love. There's no man in this story. =P
But how come I keep want to smile?
I love to be in this mood.

pic from sxc.hu

26 Oktober 2009

Urban Fest 2009 -- home

Taiko gigs at Kompas Stage

Urbantopia Contemporer Photography

Bon Odori

Live Endah n Rhesa

Ghost stories

Bosses stories

tugas negara

Yes..it's a long day. And not even a minute for my skripsyoong today.


22 Oktober 2009


I'd seen this video first on facebook, and every time I see it, this video always make me almost cry. Too bad the director, Yasmin Ahmad had passed away on last July.

You can read pieces of her on her blog here. May you got inspired too.


Commercial Oh Commercial...

Setelah gw kemarin membuat entry tentang iklan A Mild yang inspiring banget, sekarang gw akan ngebahas soal iklan yang ngga banget.

**OOT memang sekarang ini klo nyalain tv yang diperhatiin cuma iklannya saja, secara acaranya ga ada yang oke dan tv kabel mau diputus sama nyokap, hiks...

Iklan WRP Diet Tea yang baru, so annoying. Dan bikin orang pengen ketawa ngakak.

Pertama, cewe yang dah langsing dan cantik, perfecto dah, membagi porsi makanannya dengan si cowo menyisakan nasi seukuran satu slice pizza super mini plus sepotong lauk mirip sushi.

Kedua, setelah dia minum WRP Diet Tea yang baru, dia tidak mau lagi membagi makanannya dengan si cowo, yang berarti sekarang dia makan kira2 tiga-empat sendok makan nasi, plus sepotong udang.

Dan yang bikin ketawa adalah.

Pertama, porsi normalnya cewe itu aja dah ga normal dan masuk ukuran porsi orang diet, dan kecuali dimakan sekitar lima sampai enam kali, energi buat hidupnya dari manaa???

Kedua, kalau porsi normalnya saja ga normal, gimana dengan porsi dietnya coba, istilahnya sih cuma gelitikin gigi aja.

Ketiga, itu cowo liat cewenya makan sedikit begitu kok masih tega ya mau ngambil makanannya?? hahahaha...

Keempat, restoran yang menyediakan porsi segitu imut?? Tanda tanya besar..... hihi...

Bukannya menentang diet, I'm also dieting (sometimes... =P). Tapi untuk ukuran iklan, ini lebih tidak realistis daripada "putih dalam 7 hari". Mempraktekkan cara makan seperti dalam iklan menurut gw sudah termasuk kejahatan terhadap diri sendiri.

Menu makanan yang seimbang gizi dan jumlahnya lebih baik daripada menu makanan dengan porsi super mini dengan gizi kurang. You may be thin that way, but you also may lose your health.


19 Oktober 2009

A Mild -- Go Ahead

the bright smile of the "shadows" even in the early morning,
when the girl play at bus and with copy machine,
when finally the fat man jump off to the pool and his expression says "Yes!! I can do it!",
and when the beach boy realize that the sea is not just to look at, it is to play with.

go ahead,
overcome the fear,
and never miss the chance for having fun!

really really really really like this!! ^0^

17 Oktober 2009

Dao Xiang (Fragrant Rice)

If you have too many complaints towards this world
When you fall down you don’t dare to continue walking forward
Why must people be so weak, depraved
I ask you to turn on the TV and see
How many people bravely try hard to continue walking for their life
Shouldn’t we be content with what we have?
You should cherish everything even if you don’t possess it

I still remember you said your home was the only castle, you continue to run with the fragrance of the rice and the flowing river
Smiling, the dreams when you were young, I know
Don’t cry, let the fireflies lead you to escape, the eternal dependence of the folk song in the country
Just go home
Go back to the happiness at the very start

Don’t be so easy to give up, it’s just like I say
For dreams you can’t achieve, switch it for another and it’ll be fine
Put some colour into your life, firstly paint the colour you like on love
Come on and smile, merit and fame aren’t the goals
Let yourself be happy, this is what you call meaning
The paper airplane from my childhood, it’s finally flown back to my hand now
That so called happiness, running barefoot in the fields chasing crickets and getting tired
Picking fruits without permission and getting scared from being stung by bees, who’s sniggering?
I lean on the scarecrow while being blown by the wind while singing while sleeping
Oh oh, if the sunshine sprinkles on the road then I won’t be afraid of being broken-hearted
You should cherish everything even if you don’t possess it

I still remember you said your home was the only castle, you continue to run with the fragrance of the rice and the flowing river
Smiling, dreams when you were young, I know
Don’t cry, let the fireflies lead you to escape, the eternal dependence of the folk song in the country
Just go home
Go back to the happiness at the very start

download the song here
^0^ nice song!!

15 Oktober 2009

Skripsyoong Life

I'm kinda feel like a ghost lately. What I'm doing at home is sitting in front of computer, type something, delete it, then type again.

Then I'm wondering around about what kind of design I will make, and spent 30 minutes for that, with no result.

If I get bored, I'm checking facebook, twitter, blogger, wish there are people I can chat with. Spent one hour, sometimes two if there's interesting topic.

All I'm talking about is skripsyoong...All I'm worrying about is skripsyoong.... All I'm thinking about is skripsyooong...And sometimes I have dreams about it too, nice dreams though, someone make the layout for my project with 3d, hihihi...

Now I'm laughing like a ghost.....ha..ha..ha..

12 Oktober 2009

one day = 24 hours?

I don't think one day is equal to 24 hours anymore. It will be more, or less....

It will become more than 24 hours, when you don't have deadline, don't do anything, waiting for a phone call, or sleep late at night and wake up really early.

It will become less than 24 hours, when you have tight deadline(s), have dozen things to do at once, don't sleep at all to chase your deadline(s), or simply when you are late.

Time is relative. But the unique thing is, we are the one who decide when the "one day" is enough or not. The other unique thing is, time is actually... this present moment. Yesterday, and last minute is no longer our time. The next minute and tomorrow is not yet become our time. It simply just...now.

So I decided, I will have more than 24 hours a day. And of course, appreciate every moment of it!

(and not spend it so much to think about the skripsyoong =P)

picture from here

11 Oktober 2009

that bad habit finally got me!!!


Ntah kenapa hal ini jadi kebiasaan. Berbagai macam alasan sudah pernah mengakibatkan keterlambatan ini, dari yang bangun kesiangan, jalanan macet di saat tidak terduga, hujan, ada hal lain yang harus dikerjain, arrgghhh....

Dan hari ini, keterlambatan itu mungkin yang menyebabkan grup taikoku batal tampil di acara Japan Festival besok. Ouch... Even I feel, we are not ready yet for a big event like this, specially after our best member go to Japan, tapi kalau belum berusaha yang terbaik, rasanya ada penyesalan yang tidak akan terbayarkan.

Kebiasaan buruk ini harus dibinasakan!! I used to be better than this. Mungkin karena sekarang rumah jauh dari mana-mana, menjadikan beralasan itu super mudah. But I'll never use it as an excuse anymore!!

They say it tooks 21 days to have a new habit. Jadi tunggu laporan 3 minggu mendatang.


10 Oktober 2009

Love Karaoke. Love My Friends

I guess I just show my true self when karaoke today, hihihi... Had so much fun singing, little dancing, taking picture, and of course a simple gathering with old friends. In some occasions like this, I kinda feel that the world is stop spinning around and everything will be just fine.

Hopefully, we can go to the real beach together someday. And let the world stop, this time for more than few hours. ^^

07 Oktober 2009

Design is...

"Design is 70% dealing with people, 3% the idea, 2% selling the idea, 2% the brief, 2% being pig headed, 1% printing, 3% eye for detail, .6% invoices, 2% coffee, .7% tracking, .1% warm glow, .6% panic, 1% 4am, .6% staring, .2% checking, 1% letting go, .8% keeping hold, .7% estimates, .3% checking, .4% proofs, .1% colour, .9% understanding, .4% marketing, 1% checking, .8% beach ball, .5% mice, .3% keynotes, .4% persuasion, .2% bragging, .5% smiling, 2% knowing when to stop.

~Duane Frank

got it from here