29 Maret 2010


First time got an award... yeay!!! Thank you Pejeng, ah... miss the moments when some people call me "baka". Never heard since I retired from radio. XD

Anyway, the rules are :
1. Post the award on your blog
2. Link the person who has given you the award.
3. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you adore
4. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they've been nominated.

I pass this award to...
1. Joie - a blog which introduced me to a lot of design web
2. Dea - a friend's blog with her insight about life.
3. Be - really interesting to read what's going on in her mind

Hah? I only can find 3 blogs? Hahaha...

Shy laugh.... XD

I failed my resolution again, hahahaha... Not because I don't want to post daily, it's just I have some works. You know... I'm busy... (excuse excuse excuse XD )

Anyway, I have some ideas to write. But my writing nerve just won't work out around this time. Perhaps because I'm craving for long sleep and tired of work. Specially if I don't get paid for it (all those revision... why bother call it revision when almost everything needs to redraw) Well.... I've finished that, and now I feel a bit weird because of free moment. Hahaha....

12 Maret 2010

No. Not yet.

Someone asked today, " Do you have someone that really understand you, both inside and outside? "

I answered, "No. Not yet."

11 Maret 2010

I want a kiss in the rain

I want a smile to the voice

I want hearbeats to the look

I want to shiver from the touch

I want a kiss in the rain

Freelancing @_@

Kerja di rumah beberapa hari ini. Masih antara sadar dan tidak karena jam tidur berantakan. Beginilah kalau dikejar-kejar deadline. Serasa kembali mengerjakan skripsi. Tidak sadar jam, hari, dan tanggal berapa. Yang keliatan cuma deadline di depan mata. Hahaha...

Tapi selesai sudah. Setidaknya untuk hari ini. Besok libur dulu. ehm... ada proyek lain yang harus dikerjakan lho... Intinya libur, bisa tidur nyenyak dulu malam ini. Hahahaha....

Anyway, ini salah satu hasil memeras keringat beberapa hari ini. Boleh bangga dunk karena hasilnya lumayan bagus....? **niat pamer** =P

See ya folks, meet you all in my dreams!! 

07 Maret 2010

Busy time but keep refreshing!

Very grateful this week, because I got another freelance job offer, although with super tight deadline. And I still managed to meet some friends, watched movie, and enjoyed sushi time. (It's funny, when I have no job, there's no such event, hahahaha...)
So, I watched Alice in Wonderland yesterday.  It's quite refreshing since last movies I watched full with cliche dialogue. I almost can figured out what the character going to do or say next. I guess, all those animation effects help a lot, huh? =P

This movie is nice. But because I'm a fan of drama and storyline, this movie just too short. I like all of the character, but the director didn't "dig" their personality enough. Like the very short explanation for Hatter's shizo, why the Red Queen hate White Queen so much, who is the King? where is Alice's Dad now? I didn't catch them. But like my friend said, if the movie had to explain all of them, it would be done by tomorrow. Hehehe....

Taking some time to update blog between works. That's also fun. XD

05 Maret 2010

Driving Lesson...

One of my mission post final projects is to get driving lesson. And finally I got it, and it's already ninth time. I only have the last hour for practice with special car, but still not really able to grab the feeling to drive a car.

But it's okay. Driving is all about practice and practice after all. I just wish my dad will let me to drive his car sometimes. Hohohoho....
Practice until I can drive an open roofed car for sightseeing at the mountain. Yeay!!

Indulge myself XD

~~First post for March Resolution..!!~~

First destination, Lux Beauty Lounge. Scrubbing, sauna, bathing. 
Hairdo,make up. Discount, free drink, photo shoot. 
Cozy, clean, happy. 

Second, Pancious Pancake. 1st time. Very delicious!

Lots of talk. Laugh and smile. 
Unexpected event. Unexpected meeting.

Love today!!

03 Maret 2010

March resolution!!

Hm... after some blogwalking,
I'm thinking to update my blog at least once every single day.
This is going to be fun.

image from gettyimages


Hm... Thinking about having one of this.
What do you think?


it's in the small things..