25 November 2010

Graphic project : birthday card

I didn't have intention to make a birthday car at first. A while after I got the invitation, the idea just popped up in my head. The concept at first was a "window" and it was much  more complicated than the end result. I guess the idea just evolved in the process of googling, fb-stalking, editing. Plus actually I had two deadlines at the time, I was not in the mood to do my work, so I spent all night to make this instead. Hehe...

I must say it looked better at my monitor than the printed version. But everyone like it. So, thanks to my friends, you made my day. ^^

*I just did another project for a friend yesterday, will publish it here soon. XD

15 November 2010

Changes. Move on.

Last weekend I went to Bandung with bunch of high school friends. We visited Kawah Putih and Situ Patengan, and spent lots of time on the road. Most of the time, I felt good and happy. Sometimes I just merely bored. But going home I felt refreshed and ready to face the day.

I'm in the middle of job hunting. Finally I tried to look for a permanent job. Although, I'm still not sure about that decision. I made list of pros and cons. Still, on a good day, I feel content about life, on the other day, I'm upset for being idle in pursuit my dreams, whatever it is.

I'm scared too. What if I do the wrong? What if I never find the goal? What if this is not the path I should walk on? Then I got headache. Hahaha...

Then somehow I realized. All I did were talking about it. But I never actually do something to fix it. I tried to look suggestions from everybody else, while I knew and what will they say. Perhaps I don't know the answers to those questions. But maybe... I know the little steps I must take. I'm just to afraid to do so.

I've been on the same spot for months, and I really need to get out from the comfort zone. So days ahead, I'll braze myself to take those little steps and bring myself to new places.

Burb. XD